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When Parents Prime Their Children For Abuse

29 Aug

If you took a look at your local newspaper this morning (especially if you live in the state of Ohio) or read some of the Google headlines today, you might have come across this article at “Mom Uses Abortion to Hide Rape of Mentally Disabled Daughter”

Here are some of the most poignant quotes from the story:

A Houston, Texas mother stands accused of taking her adopted mentally disabled daughter to Ohio to get an abortion in an effort to conceal the fact that her son raped her daughter.

According to a KTRK-TV report, Cynthia Greenwood, 50 faces charges of tampering and fabricating evidence because she took her daughter for the abortion after police began investigating the alleged rape. Officials tell the ABC television station that they believe Greenwood took her mentally disabled girls to Cleveland, Ohio for the abortion in an effort to conceal DNA evidence that could have otherwise been obtained to prove the rape charges.

Isaac Greenwood, 19, is reportedly the father of the baby. He is Cynthia green’s biological son and is suspected of raping the unnamed daughter, who is 13 now and was 12-years-old at the time of the rape. Officials say she told her father about what happened and she is now in foster care.

The article goes on to comment on the problem Ohio reportedly has with a number of its Planned Parenthood centers performing abortions on young victims who are made pregnant by their assault, and hiding these crimes from the criminal justice system. Gross negligence by companies which claim to care for the vulnerable sector of society is disgusting enough, but I’ll leave that topic alone for today.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse turns my stomach so much because it usually is a violation of a person’s trust by someone he or she knows in a position of power over the victim. Sexual abuse frequently happens at the hands of a spouse, older sibling, relative, neighbor, friend, friend’s parent, teacher, mentor … the list goes on. It does happen and it shouldn’t be overlooked, but sexual abuse from a stranger is rare simply because the molester doesn’t get the opportunity to come in contact with his or her victim more than a few times. When the violation happens once or for a very short period of time – say, over a few days before the molester disappears from contact forever – it’s called a sexual assault rather than sexual abuse.

Here is a case of the most common kind of sexual abuse: abuse that happens within a family. If the allegations turn out to be true (and really, why would a 12-year-old girl lie about something so horrendous?), then a mother decided to protect her deviant son from facing the consequences of the crime he committed against his younger sister, rather than protect her innocent daughter from a life-changing nightmare. Her actions made it clear that she valued her daughter’s safety less than she valued their family’s image. She was willing to put her young, mentally disabled daughter, her own flesh and blood, through the additional trauma of enduring an abortion on top of the abuse she had suffered, just to protect her own neck and her deviant son’s. And the article mentions that the girl first told her father about the abuse, if I read it correctly. Why didn’t he stop this from happening?

Parents who can’t be trusted

Parents are the first set of adults a child learns to model themselves after, and they are the ones who are responsible for teaching their children how to function in the world when they grow up. If a child grows up without being able to trust their parents for basic needs such as safety and love, where is he or she supposed to find the foundation to build a normal life on as an adult? Now this poor girl may be psychologically damaged for life, and God forbid find herself in more abusive situations as an adult, all because that was what she learned was normal growing up. I really pray she will find a foster home with caretakers who are able and willing to care for her the way her birth parents should have, but refused to do for their daughter.

I have a personal beef with people who have children and choose not to love them, in addition to the beef I have with people who rape. Tomorrow’s post may be a good opportunity to explain why I feel the way I do about lousy parents.