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The Perfect Rape Victim

24 Apr

Brute physical force – a “real rape victim” goes through it (courtesy of

A real rape victim deserves justice. Every other wannabe victim is just crying rape.

A real rape victim is female. She is pretty, pure, most likely heterosexual (maybe also middle class, white, and a born-again Christian) and she has never had any kind of sexual contact with anyone, ever, before she is raped.

A real rape victim’s rapist is a total stranger. The rapist is depraved, looks like Gollum, probably does drugs, probably is an ex-con, lives in the bushes and under bridges, and targets pretty girls who happen to be outside alone after dark. He never gets sex unless he forces women into it.

A real rape victim screams and fights back when she is attacked. She is not paralyzed with fear, or muted by a strong hand over her mouth, a knife to her neck, or alcohol/drugs in her system. Even if those conditions threaten her survival, a real rape victim perseveres and screams and fights as hard as she can, because she knows that this is how one determines the difference between consensual sex and rape.

A real rape victim is beaten viciously by her depraved stranger rapist. Her rape is traumatic because it’s physically painful.

A real rape victim knows to report her assault immediately after she survives being raped. She is not hesitant to tell her family and friends, because she knows she doesn’t have to fear judgment – she was a real rape victim, and she is entitled to support. She is not hesitant to tell the police any detail about her rape, because she knows she doesn’t have to be ashamed – she was a real rape victim, and her rapist is the only one responsible for her attack.

A real rape victim’s rapist goes to jail for his crime. He serves a long and hefty sentence, which is more proof that the rape was real, not just sex falsely reported as rape. A real rape victim is applauded for her bravery.

A real rape victim is supported all throughout her recovery. She is offered counseling and the best treatment for the nightmare she suffered. Her story is media-worthy. Her story may inspire books and movies based on a true story. All of society is on her side.

A real rape victim lives happily ever after … in a perfect world.

A “real rape victim” is insanely rare in the real world.

In the real world, rape victims are male, female, young, old, all skin colors, all ethnic backgrounds, all religious backgrounds, all economic backgrounds, married, single, divorced, LGBTQ … and so are their rapists. The rapes that these victims suffer are just as varied and nuanced. Maybe that’s why they’re overlooked, disqualified, and dismissed – they’re just too hard to classify.

Sigh. If only I had been a real rape victim.



My Rapist Added Me on Facebook

13 Apr
I haven’t been the most faithful blogger. I have a lot to catch up on here, and many loose ends to tie.
I thought I’d log in just to vent.
My idiot loser limp-d*** rapist had the nerve to send me a friendship request on Facebook an hour ago.
Every year he does something like this, maybe trying to be cute – who knows what goes through that animal’s mind. Last year he mentioned my birthday on Twitter. The year before, he sent me an e-mail notifying me about an apartment available in the area.
I will not friend you on a boat.
I will not friend you, f***ing goat.
I do not like your f***ing spam.
Go die in a fire.
Maybe do something novel, like move on with your life, forget my name, and marry the horse face that I hear you got engaged to since I exposed your rape confession, N. You could even end this legal battle we’re fighting and be gracious enough to settle so that I can move on with my life, instead of stalking me all over the web like you’re clearly doing. Tell everyone at your church to stop trying to contact me, too.
Who am I kidding? I know you won’t stop until I inevitably win the lawsuit and shut you and your rape sanctuary (I mean, church) down forever. Until that delicious day arrives: